Filling up coolers. Making sure just-caught fish stays fresh.

Keeping water supplies stocked ahead of a long hike. Having

access to fresh ice and water is essential for your campers,

and being able to provide it on-demand, 24/7 can help keep your

campers stocked with what they need, without having to

leave your campground.

Enter Everest Ice and Water vending. Our all-in-one VX series

eliminates costly delivery fees by providing fresh, on-demand, ice and water, right where your campers need them. Our machines also lead the industry in terms of overall efficiency, allowing many owners to see over 90% profit on each bag of ice sold. Don't believe it? Everest makes the impossible, possible. Contact us today to learn more.

Take your campground to the next level today with Everest Ice and Water vending

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